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Implant Dentist Parma

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Implants in Parma

Implant dentist Parma
Implant dentist Parma

If some of your teeth are missing, it can really affect your quality of life. It may be interfering with your everyday activities such as eating and speaking. You may feel uncomfortable laughing, smiling and socializing. The good news is that help is available. If you’re missing teeth, you should consult with a professional Implant dentist Parma.

While there are many teeth replacement options to choose from, if you’re looking you’re a natural, permanent solution, nothing comes close to dental implants. Unlike other options that consist of removable appliances, such as dentures, dental implants are stationary and non-removable so they closely resemble your own natural, healthy teeth. Implant dentist Parma are new, artificial yet natural looking teeth made of metal and porcelain. They not only look natural but they also function like your own natural teeth. They consist of two parts, which consist of a titanium body and a tooth-colored crown. The titanium body replaces the missing root and establishes the foundation for which the tooth-colored crown is placed. A professional implant specialist like ours at Easton Dental secures the tooth-colored crown in place by cementing it on top of the implant body. Dental implants have other uses as well, such as anchoring dentures, which prevents them from shifting when talking and chewing. Dental implants assist dental patients in achieving a beautiful, natural looking smile while greatly improving their ability to perform important daily activities and tasks such as eating and speaking. Although dental implants are an excellent teeth replacement option, they’re not available for everyone. Since they require surgery and anesthesia, patients need to meet certain criteria in order to be a candidate for them. In order to get dental implants, patients must be in good oral and general health. They must also have good bone density since implants are anchored into the jaw. If you’re considering dental implants, you must be evaluated by a professional implant specialist to determine if you’re a good candidate.

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